A simple daily log of all the chance events and happenstance at our humble digs. What is Jeff thinking? What is Ginny's next undertaking? What sort of punishment will the cats endure? And ultimately, what does it all mean?

Wednesday, August 25


Not much today. This matchstick work day is just ready to burn my finger tips. Good thing too because I'm going stir crazy. Need to run. That'll take care of everything.

Oh yes. finished the Joyce Carol Oats novel. Took me what...3 months. Sad

Tuesday, August 24

Tuesday The Evening

Ok. Looks as if I skipped an entire month. Where did it go? What did I do? Have I learned?

Ever feel like Homer Simpson?

At work, working the "late" shift. Which isn't all too late. Rather then 4:30 I get out at 7:00. So here I sit, simply passing the time. I could be doing something constructive. Like work. I'm getting paid for this. Right? I figure I've worked my tail off for the past few hours. Past few days! So, I'll give myself this one. Thanks me.

Ginny just got back from Hong Kong. Havn't really had a chance to see her. Picked her up from the airport...she dropped me off at work. What a culture.

Been trying to finish off this Joyce Carol Oates novel. It's a great read. I read it nightly. Maybe I need to read during the day. At least we've pretty much unplugged the tele. It's actually been refreshing to be away from the constant advertisements. Big waste of time.

What a drag. Boring blog. Phones ringing...end.

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