A simple daily log of all the chance events and happenstance at our humble digs. What is Jeff thinking? What is Ginny's next undertaking? What sort of punishment will the cats endure? And ultimately, what does it all mean?

Thursday, July 22

Thursday Day, Morning

Another hot and humid one in Upstate NY.  It's barely 8:30, and already the air is fetid, soupy, like a sweat farm.  But it's alright.  I'm feeling the artificial air condition pumping out near my desk, sitting under these fluorescent lights.  I'm living in artificial land.  No need to speak with anyone face to face as I have my e-mail.  My existential, immature thoughts are working overtime.  Work is piling up on my desk, and the post-it notes taunt me with reminders of things that I don't quite remember taking down.

Tonight I'll run with the Syracuse Chargers in what is to be my first with the group.  Should be interesting.

What else?  Oh.  What's the deal with mushrooms.  They creep me out.  I have a plot of grass that I've been trying to grow out front of the house; quite successfully it's been.  When I water the grass the night before, I always wake to clusters of these flat topped, musty shrooms.  They're like invaders that landed in the middle of the night.  They're there when I leave for work, yet mysteriously absent when I return home.  Where do they go?  And why?  WHY??  Perhaps I'm a little too sensitive, but these little invaders are ever so odd. 

Mushrooms.  Our fungi friends of the night. 



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