A simple daily log of all the chance events and happenstance at our humble digs. What is Jeff thinking? What is Ginny's next undertaking? What sort of punishment will the cats endure? And ultimately, what does it all mean?

Friday, July 2

Friday in Syracuse

Not too much to say, really. Wonder how the weekend will pass? Pig (click me) roast on Saturday. Hiking. Drinking coffee all the while. God I love coffee. It is supreme! I enjoy it dark. Or in a cup. Let us roast the coffee instead of the pig.

I would like to save this pig and take him/her on our hike. I suspect the pig is already dead. I'll not look at the pig as it turns over the fire. That can't be what the pigs purpose was supposed to be. Is that my purpose? I said that on purpose.

Hey, Ginny has been pushing the lawn mowing concept. Sounds like a valid idea. The grass has grown beyond the standard grass blade size (who decided this size?), hence, said grass needs to be mowed. I say leave it. Let it turn back to wilderness. We could use a new ecosystem in our backyard. Just think of the birds, the bugs, the smells for god sake. Perhaps a red fox will make a home near the trampoline.

I suppose I should give up on this idea. It's madness,really. There's city codes to follow.

What's wrong with the world today? Tripping on my worries. There's nothing to be done about it. I have my compost pile, my garden in the front yard, my running shoes and bike. That's my statement to the world.

I'm a liberal.

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