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Wednesday, June 30

Latest Book Read

I just finished Demian, written by Hermann Hesse. Very good book, although I must say that it left me with a lot of unanswered questions.

The main character, Sinclair, is the voice and main character throughout the book. In a very large nutshell, Hesse takes us through Sinclairs painful adolescence, teen years, college, and eventually places him in the first great world war. Sinclair has many psychological woes as he tries to understand the meaning of life. This isn't helped as he runs into a nasty bully (whose name escapes me) who nearly makes him his slave. We are then introduced to a Max Demian, an intellectual even in his adolescent years. Max sees "the mark" in Sinclair and decides to take him on as a friend. Max mysteriously deals with the bully situation, and the two (Sinclair and Max) are henceforth connected for life. Max makes a series of disappearances throughout the novel, yet never leaves the mind of Sinclair. At it's climax, Sinclair and Max meet pre war, have many metaphorically symbolic conversations on the meaning and life and the cows of humanity. Sinclair meets Eva, Max's mother, and falls deeply in love (Couldn't get more Freudian then this). Their love is never physically consummated, and Max and Sinclair are both sent off to the war. In its end, Sinclair meets Max in a hospital, yet whether it was real or imagined alludes me. Max kisses Sinclair, claiming that it was a kiss from Eva. Sinclair passes out, awakens, and Max is gone.

Surely a poor reading on my part, in particular that I did not put down the questions that concerned me as I referred to in the beginning. Especially I am thrown by "the Mark" that Max, Sinclair, and Eva share. I can only assume that this is some sort of metaphysical, angelic, intangible idea. But, as I think more on it, I just might come back and post.

Work calls.

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