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Wednesday, November 3

1023 Westmoreland Avenue

1023 Westmoreland Avenue

Tuesday, October 26

Eyes Of Fire

Alright. My eyes need to be taken out. Too much monitor today.

Listening to Dublab. Gotta check it out. It's ffffffresh.

Dark out. Can't tell. Windows only reveal the reflection from where I already am. What a waste of window. Funk funk funk. Taking it easy tonight. Thinking my time here is getting thin. Yes. Gotta go. But it's dark like. Putty. Scrape it on the sky with the knife. Put out the light.

What's there to say that hasn't been said somewhere by someone? Is there such thing as originality any longer? Even this. That question. Yes, that one right there. Not a very inspirational way to view...whatever.

I really need some sleep right now. Truely. Or just some down time. Time to turn the brain to "off mode". Let something else do the work now. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. King Television. That's the stuff. What is it, Tuesday? CSI? There's three versions. Must be one on this evening. Else it's Law and Order.

Of course I could read. I'm reading that simple "Zippy" novel. Novella? I don't know. It's a easy read. It's not like Walden or Sinclair, Whitman or some other thinker. It's just brief and easy. Not a bad diversion though.



Monday, October 25

What's Approaching?

It's been awhile since my last post.

I wonder how many times that sentence has been written in the history of blogging? There's no particular reason for my absence. Just the usual loss of connection. Inability to commit to something. Possibly loss of interest is tied in as well.

So it's Autumn in Syracuse. The deciduous trees have dropped nearly all of their leaves. Although we have no such trees in our yard, this doesn't stop the neighbors trees from shedding across our fence.

Everyone is complaining. Asking themselves why it is that they live here, as they await the first 'horrendous' fall of snow. Yet, they stay? I invite the first snowflake. I can't wait to to pull on my running shoes, exiting the house into the dark evening and running in the snow encrusted streets. Trying not to slip and break my neck. Time to get the cross country skis out.

I love the frigid cold on my face. Wearing a hat. Seeing my breath. It's in my blood and I invite the winter. Welcome it with open arms, in fact. I see the opportunity to enjoy being warm. Not taking for granted the modern convenience of electric heat. Hot, fragrant coffee in the early morning. I enjoy looking from the inside out, feeling slightly sorry for the poor souls stuck outside. Half wishing I was one of them. Turning the house lights out in the dark to watch the snow fall. This is especially stimulating to me while driving, although not recommended for obvious reasons. Starting the car to let it warm up, also not recommended for environmental reasons. Shoveling the walk is wonderful. Walking through the blank canvas of the back yard after a large snow fall can be melancholic yet deeply fulfilling. Temperately mild regions are over rated.

I have class this evening. End of topic.

Not that anyone is reading...but make sure and get out to vote next week.


Wednesday, August 25


Not much today. This matchstick work day is just ready to burn my finger tips. Good thing too because I'm going stir crazy. Need to run. That'll take care of everything.

Oh yes. finished the Joyce Carol Oats novel. Took me what...3 months. Sad

Tuesday, August 24

Tuesday The Evening

Ok. Looks as if I skipped an entire month. Where did it go? What did I do? Have I learned?

Ever feel like Homer Simpson?

At work, working the "late" shift. Which isn't all too late. Rather then 4:30 I get out at 7:00. So here I sit, simply passing the time. I could be doing something constructive. Like work. I'm getting paid for this. Right? I figure I've worked my tail off for the past few hours. Past few days! So, I'll give myself this one. Thanks me.

Ginny just got back from Hong Kong. Havn't really had a chance to see her. Picked her up from the airport...she dropped me off at work. What a culture.

Been trying to finish off this Joyce Carol Oates novel. It's a great read. I read it nightly. Maybe I need to read during the day. At least we've pretty much unplugged the tele. It's actually been refreshing to be away from the constant advertisements. Big waste of time.

What a drag. Boring blog. Phones ringing...end.

Thursday, July 22

Thursday Day, Morning

Another hot and humid one in Upstate NY.  It's barely 8:30, and already the air is fetid, soupy, like a sweat farm.  But it's alright.  I'm feeling the artificial air condition pumping out near my desk, sitting under these fluorescent lights.  I'm living in artificial land.  No need to speak with anyone face to face as I have my e-mail.  My existential, immature thoughts are working overtime.  Work is piling up on my desk, and the post-it notes taunt me with reminders of things that I don't quite remember taking down.

Tonight I'll run with the Syracuse Chargers in what is to be my first with the group.  Should be interesting.

What else?  Oh.  What's the deal with mushrooms.  They creep me out.  I have a plot of grass that I've been trying to grow out front of the house; quite successfully it's been.  When I water the grass the night before, I always wake to clusters of these flat topped, musty shrooms.  They're like invaders that landed in the middle of the night.  They're there when I leave for work, yet mysteriously absent when I return home.  Where do they go?  And why?  WHY??  Perhaps I'm a little too sensitive, but these little invaders are ever so odd. 

Mushrooms.  Our fungi friends of the night. 


Tuesday, July 20

A Day Like Any Other

Here's something that's been on my mind.
Anyway.  It's 5:45 p.m. on Tuesday, Mid July.  It's humid out.   Thick like.  I am sweatingly. 
Ran this morning.  Maybe I'm running too much.  My body feels a bit...I don't know...damaged.  But just slightly.
To be quite honest, I'm not sure what to write.  So I'll leave this quote from Robert Frost's "CANIS MAJOR": 
I'm a poor underdog,
But to-night I will bark
With the great Overdog
That romps through the dark
Jeff L

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